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Brazil - Manaus, Amazonas - photography

South America Brazil map › Manaus, Amazonas - photography

Amazonas, aerial view

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At the jungle border


Boat ride through the jungle, rainy season


Bow-fishing, guide Matthias Raymond

Bow-fishing, guide Matthias Raymond

Guide Matthias Raymond and his hunted fish

Amazon jungle, rainy season

In the amazon jungle: Anita & Kruger and guide Matthias Raymond

Tarantula - inhabitant of the jungle

Amzon jungle

Guide Matthias Raymond

Liana filled with drinking water

Kruger climbing liana

Amazon jungle

Maniok - basic food for caboclos

Maniok processing

Maniok processing

Maniok processing

Caboclo girl

Going hunting in the jungle

Dona Maria, paca hunting

Dona Maria, paca hunting

Preparing food in the jungle

Paca - victim of the hunt and our lunch

Hunters' lunch

Caboclos' floating houses

Caboclos' house on pales

Anita and our luggage for the jungle expedition

Anita & Kruger on the way to Lago Mamori

Caboclo in his boat

One of the highest trees in the jungle

Interior of the Jungle Lodge

Mosquito net - a must if you want to sleep in the jungle

Inhabitant of the Jungle Lodge

Other inhabitant of the Jungle Logde - Squirrel monkey

Armoured fish - attraction for fishermen

Piranha Caju - the most aggressive Piranha

Piranha Caju, a Colgate advert

Caboclo boy hunting

Victoria Amazonica - symbol of Amazonas

Victoria Amazonica - symbol of Amazonas

One of the Amazon tributaries

Sunset over the Amazon

Uru-Tau, a bird-branch

Caboclo girl

Dona Maria

Caboclo boys in a boat

Boats - main mean of transport in this area

Hammock & mosquito net = you sleep at night

Caboclos children

Full jungle equipment

Jungle during rainy season

Caboclo boy

Local equivalent of a bus

Own hammock guarantees travel comfort

Hammocks on upper deck of a boat

Street vendor in a port

Sloth - the slowest animal in the world

Sloth - the portrait

Anita and sloth - our favourite pet

Sloth been interrupted swimming

Manaus, port

Manaus, Teatro Amazonas

Manaus, Teatro Amazonas

Manaus, market

Manaus, spices shop

Manaus, side street

Manaus, centre

Manaus, port

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