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"Peru - the magic places"

Inauguration of the exposition in Instituto Cervantes, Cracov 11.09.2005

South America › Inauguration of the exposition "Peru - the magic places" Instituto Cervantes, Cracov 11.09.2005

The exposition "Peru - the magic places" was inaugurated on 11.09.2005 in the Instituto Cervantes in Cracov.

The exposition was opened commonly by Oswaldo Bravo Daneri - Consul of the Republic of Peru and Abel Murcia Soriano - dyrector of the Instituto Cervantes in Poland. Honorary Consul of Peru in Cracov dr Anrzej Krzanowski was also among about 50 people who attended the inauguration.

The inauguration was attended by about 50 people

Official opening of the exposition.
From the left: Anita Kucharska, Maciek "Kruger" Kiersztyn, Abel Murcia Soriano, Oswaldo Bravo.

Official speeches

The guests who attended the opening

Co-organizers of the exposition

Inauguration of the exposition

Opening speech by Abel Murcia Soriano - director of the Instituto Cervantes in Poland

Authors of the exposition during the inauguration

Among the guests there was a native Peruvian - Felix Malaga-Malaga

Anita with the Consul of Peru Oswaldo Bravo

From the left: Oswaldo Bravo, Consul of Peru, Anita Kucharska and Maciek "Kruger" Kiersztyn

One of the attractions was a national drink of Peru - "Pisco", prepared by the Consul of Peru himself

Oswaldo Bravo preparing Pisco

Pisco - national drink of Peru

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